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$5 Bag Sales!

Wilderness Treasures of Colorado Springs loves interacting with our customers. We've designed a number of fun promotions to engage our customers. Take advantage of these deals the next time you visit.

Once a month in the warehouse we reduce our inventory by having a $5 Bag Sale. We call it our Warehouse Sale. Tables are loaded with special merchandise for the bag sale. Grab a grocery bag and fill it up with great discounted items, and pay just $5 a bag. You never know what you're going to find in our $5 Bag Sale!

Our Supply of Merchandise

You may wonder how we receive our inventory. Dale the owner buys all the items in the store (not including vendor items). He is constantly on the look out for great finds and has traveled long distances to find items. He buys low to sell low, to leave as much hard earned cash in your own pocket.



Thrift & Vendor Market Place

First of its kind in Colorado Springs. WT is the first Veteran owned Family operated Thrift Market Place in town. WT has a 10,000 sq ft showroom with thrifty items and over 50 vendor booths. Each booth is eclectic. As we always say, "We Have  Antiques to X-Box and Everything Inbetween".

“We had so much fun the first time we came in! And the second time, and the third time...”

– One of our many happy customers